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What are the benefits of trading cars?

1. You always have a vehicle for transportation

2. You can save hundreds of dollars from Sales Tax. In most states, when an even trade occurs, there is no sales tax.

3. Maximize the value of your vehicle by trading it private party, rather than getting "lowballed" at the dealership

4. is like a trade-in dealership on steroids.

Bartering is the most ancient and simple form of commerce, dating back to 6000 BC. In ancient times, bartering involved people in the same area.

Today, bartering is global and more efficient than ever before with the information age and the advent of the Internet.

TradeUpwards is taking bartering a step further by providing the means for a person to acquire an automobile through a medium where cash is not a requirement for a transaction to take place. TradeUpwards brings together the age-old concept of bartering and merges it with the information age in the form of an automotive bartering marketplace. is a vehicle trading website that also allows users to trade, buy, and sell their used automobiles, motorcycles, boats, other motor vehicles and related items. Users can also include cash with their trade offers to Trade Up!